A Typical Day at the Wildlife Rescue

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a wildlife center in the middle of a busy baby season? Read below to see how much must be accomplished in one single day.

A Typical Day at Sonoma Country Wildlife Rescue

(Baby Season-June 13th, 2012)

Danielle Mattos-Staff, Animal Care Director

Write agenda items for animal team meeting
Weigh, move, and update animal records for 12 skunks in nursery to wildlife community
Weigh, move, and update paperwork for 26 opossums
Get opossums that are over 600 grams ready for release
Call finders of releasable opossums to come collect them for release
Check and return emails
Return phone calls
Fix outside board, nursery board and all paperwork
Feed education raccoons
Clean coyote and raccoon ponds
Collect Predator Scent
Help with otter feeding and care
Order microscope bulb
Fix diets for tomorrow
Task list for tomorrow

Kristen Reeder-Staff, Education Outreach Director

Supervise hospital interns
Clean hospital wards and weighed patients
Update hospital paperwork
Answere phones and booked exclusions
Cover 2-6pm hotline shift
Feed 2 squirrels 4 times a day
Write job descriptions for full-time education person, part-time animal care assistant and part-time bookkeeper
Put job requests on Craig’s list
Help weigh and sort 26 opossums
Update website for e-newsletter
Update hospital board
Faxe 3 court volunteer’s paperwork to Volunteer Center Court Referral Program
Tour for court volunteer Charlie and his niece
Cover 6-10pm hotline shift
Return calls from AWES and SCWR answering machines

Holly Ferrara-Intern, Humboldt State University

Update animal care records in computer
Bottle feed  3 critical care raccoons four times
Clean hospital dishes, syringes and other supplies
Help set up for Girl Scout presentation
Call volunteers to transport baby coyote to Silicon Valley Wildlife Center
Weigh, administer anti-flea medication and ear-tag 13 baby opossums
Made diets for all animals on site except hospital
Prepare baby bottles for outside feedings

Travis-Intern, Humboldt State University

Move opossums to outside enclosures from nursery
Feed 5 baby raccoons
Help weigh and update 12 skunks for move to wildlife community
Help weigh, fix ear tags, and update paperwork for 26 opossums
Help clean raccoon and coyote ponds
Collect predator scent
Feed education raccoons

Yeonji Cho-Intern, Berkeley State University

Clean kennels
Make baby formula for morning feeding of raccoons
Feed 5 raccoons in the nursery
Do laundry
Make the diets for the 5 raccoons in nursery and feed them
Look for the missing opossum
Prepare lunch for volunteers and staff
Prepare diets for outside animals

Mari Goodpaster- Volunteer

Help feed mountain lions
Bottle feed baby raccoons in nursery
Water garden greenhouse
Organize boxes in outdoor classroom
Clean kitchen
Help make lunch and clean up
Put away and organize kennels, buckets, and planters
Clean fox and coyote kits' hospital ward and move them to nursery, set up and feed

Jacob Dunham-Court Referral Volunteer

Help feed outside animals
Clean dishes inside and outside
Take out trash, clean and reline garbage cans
Help hang laundry to dry
Water plants and grass

Elizabeth Didato-Staff, Education Outreach Assistant

Lead tour for 25 Humane Society summer camp kids
Supervise court referral volunteers
Answere AWES phones
Arrange outdoor classroom and prepare for daily programs
Help in hospital with pigeon
Education emails and calls
Help prepare and clean up lunch
Feed mountain lions and collect Predator Scent
Take messages off machine and returned calls

Michael McGuire-Staff, AWES Director

9am appointment Rivardo in Santa Rosa, raccoons in attic
11am Burgess in Windsor,
12pm Silvers in Santa Rosa,
2pm  in Napa,
Supportive Care Duties

Charlie Belford-Court Referral Volunteer

Replant fallen trees and removed dead ones in education area
Weed pathways
Rescue raccoon 
Fix spare tire on trailer
Mow field with tractor

Doug-Court Referral Volunteer

Work on temporary otter enclosure installing and securing wire to top of enclosure
Remove and replace old bamboo around temporary otter enclosure

Randy-Court Referral Volunteer

Work on temporary otter enclosure installing and securing wire to top of enclosure
Remov and replace old bamboo around temporary otter enclosure
Go to Friedman’s to buy more supplies

Miquel Bautista, Roberto Munoz, Dario Salinas-Graton Day Labor Crew

Work on otter enclosure
Help order additional materials
Confirm where den house and double doors will be

Doris Duncan-Staff, Executive Director

Answer  phones
Call last night’s exclusion Marilon Monk to see if any more noises
Call Liz exclusion in Rohnert Park, is raccoon gone?
Check in with Michael for his schedule of exclusions
Otter care 4 times per day
Facilitate animal care meeting and help assign duties at lunch meeting
Direct court referral volunteer Randy to help with fixing up temporary otter enclosure
Direct court referral volunteer Doug to help with fixing up temporary otter enclosure and purchase supplies from Friedman’s
Call Freidman’s to okay Doug shopping
Meet with Graton Day Labor crew for otter enclosure
Help clean in hospital with Kristen and Holly
Weigh animals moving outside to wildlife community or nursery
Proofread e-newsletter
Call Vic to ask questions about PayPal
Email Francesca for help with proofreading e-newsletter
Direct Yeonji amd Elizabeth  to make lunch for staff and volunteers
Call weekend crew Krista Mills, Kim Behan, and Kelly Brown to let them know Jesse quit and Kristen is working with the weekend crew
Call Dennis at the landfill and let him know we need kitchen faucet fixed and outside septic filter fixed
Call Jerene to set up visit to Ray in hospital with Shela
Call barn owl finder to set up nest replacement
Call David to assist in barn owl nest replacement
Call Michael Topolos to set up vineyard visit
Start task list for board
Get pool for otters
Call Food Max for discount otter food
Get supplies together for nest replacement
Barn owl replacement with David
Update Dr. Dan 
Check in with The Living Desert  for bobcat transfer
Check in with the Fund for Animals for coyote transfer
Take garbage home