Aaction Rents

It was 2004, while we were building our first wildlife center on the grounds of the Humane Society in Santa Rosa, when we first started working with Aaction Rents. We needed a lot of equipment like chain saws, ditch witchers, scaffolding, various tools such as pick axes, pounding bars, shovels, rakes and all those lovely things it takes to build a wildlife center. Of course we had little or no money to buy any of those things so we contacted Steve Plamann at Aaction rents. We told him about our “situation”, how we had waited 4 years to build a wildlife center and now we were finally ready to start building. We told him about all the animals that needed our help and what kind of enclosures we needed to build for them.

He was very sympathetic and eager to help. He also involved the rest of the managers in his wonderful company. They might not always have had what we needed in the Dutton Ave. or River Road, Santa Rosa stores, but then the Windsor store would help us. Everyone worked together to make sure we had what we needed.

Since we moved to our current location in Petaluma on Mecham Rd.  Aaction Rents has continued to be there for us. We “borrowed” scaffolding to build the Raptor Recovery Center in March and are still using it. Steve might call occasionally to see how we are doing.  A typical conversation might go like this: “Hi Doris, this is Steve from Aaction Rents, how’s that scaffolding working out?”  I would reply; “Oh it’s going great Steve. There are volunteers standing on it right now working on the roof. We are more then halfway done with the Raptor Recovery Center. I can’t wait for you to see it. Thank you so much for letting us borrow the scaffolding for so long. We really appreciate it.” Steve would then say, “Ok Doris, keep up the good work. Just get it back when you are done. I will keep trying to get there to see you. Just been real busy here.”

Here it is 2013, and we are still all working together to make a better place for the animals. It really does take a village to raise a wildlife center. We are eternally grateful for the kind and generous folks at Aaction Rents.​