Sonoma County Animal Care and Control

We are fortunate to have such a friendly relationship with our local Animal Control; many wildlife rescue groups are not so lucky. We currently receive anywhere from one to five sick, injured, or orphaned animals a month from them who would otherwise be euthanized. They also have our A Wildlife Exclusion Service on their Public Answering System, which directs the public to our office where we are able to humanely help nuisance wildlife by providing advice and services to remove animals from people's homes and businesses. At least 40% of our calls have been referred by animal control.

Most of the time our own wildlife rescue team is stretched thin and we call upon our friends at SCACC, who may already be in the rescue area, and are able to bring us a patient in need. This is extremely helpful and allows our staff the extra time to care for patients already at the center. They are always so willing to take time out of their busy days to drop off a fox who has been hit by a car or call us when an orphaned raccoon shows up at their door.

 It is such a pleasure working with the individual officers who offer their service to our cause and we couldn’t imagine a world without them. We would like to thank their leader, Executive Director Amy Cooper, for encouraging this spirit of unity and support amongst the two animal rescue organizations here in Sonoma County.

Shirley Zindler, one of the many enthusiastic and helpful officers, never turns down a chance to help any furry or feathered creature in need of rescue and is a frequent visitor to SCWR.  She is fearless and will go after bobcats, foxes, oyotes, skunks and raccoons without hesitation, and with a huge smile on her face. Shirley has also recently written and published a book about her life and work called “The Secret Life of Dog Catchers.” This book really portrays how hard animal control officers work and how much they care about the animals they help. Without Sonoma County Animal Care and Control, many suffering wildlife patients would not get the extra love and care they deserve. This appreciation goes out to all the officers and staff.


Executive Director
Doris Duncan