Barn Owl Box Features

Don't let appearances fool you! A barn owl box is more than just a box with a hole on a pole. While it may seem expensive to invest in a barn owl box, there's a lot of work, materials, and time that goes into making our boxes. A badly designed box can do more harm than good for the owls. We've carefully designed our boxes to best meet the needs of barn owls. Let's go over some of the features that make our boxes the best for owls available.

Predation Prevention Features:

  • There is a special wall in each box to give chicks a space to hide if a predator manages to stick its head or paw through the hole
  • Our holes are oval instead of round to reduce the risk of Great Horned Owl predation.
  • The poles are made of galvanized steel, too slick for raccoons to climb up and steal babies.

Construction Features

  • We use nearly a full sheet of plywood in each of our boxes, so we can provide an ample sun shade to keep chicks from overheating.
  • We have grips cut into the space below the hole so the owl can more easily enter the box or hang on to toss food in for the chicks.
  • We've included a back hatch so that the boxes can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • All the fittings are galvanized steel, so they won't rust and make the box come apart.
  • All walls are both screwed and glued together under pressure, so they are strongly bonded and can take the weather.
  • All corners are reinforced to improve the integrity of the box.