Barn Owl Box Presentations

A barn owl box is installed following an assembly in

which we shared our barn owl presentation.​

What bird is found on every continent besides Antarctica, feeds on dozens of rodents every evening, and makes a great foster parent for orphaned chicks?  Barn Owls!  Help your child and their entire school learn more about these incredible animals by scheduling a Barn Owl Maintenance Program presentation.  Presentations are $200 and can be accompanied by a barn owl box installation for the school (additional fees apply; see prices here).​  Call us at (707) 992-0274 or email to schedule a presentation.

​Presentations are one-hour long and include an interactive slideshow, exclusive videos, and engaging props.  The presentation is designed to foster empathy for wildlife and spark scientific curiosity.  We hear from schools that students spend the rest of the day excitedly talking about barn owls!  This presentation supports Next Generation Science Standard 5-ESS3-1 Earth and Human Activity.