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The Feathered Friends of Lynmar

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Why Should You Choose Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue's Barn Owl Maintenance Program?

  • We provide more than just a barn owl box, we research each box to determine the effectiveness of each box.
  • We have a permit with US Fish and Wildlife allowing us to handle birds and provide treatment if needed.
  • We are certified participants of the 24-hour Hazwopper program by the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife allowing us to work with hazardous materials safely.
  • We are insured for high liability work through our Wildlife Exclusion Service.
  • We have our own work vehicles and equipment.
  • Maintenance of owl boxes encourages continued use and new tenants.
  • Maintenance in your vineyard or on your property is a tax-deductible expense.
  • All proceeds earned through BOMP helps fund the Raptor Rehabilitation Program at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Rodent Control

Barn Owl Box Maintenance

About the Barn Owl Maintenance Program

  • We have Barn Owl Boxes! Having a barn owl box in your vineyard or backyard provides valuable habitat for barn owls, and valuable pest control for you!
  • The Barn Owl Maintenance Program demonstrates the benefits of having barn owl boxes in your vineyard or on your property through education and research.
  • Our research program will learn the annual activity levels of each owl box on the property.
  • We provide yearly owl box maintenance and cleaning  to promote continual usage.
  • Orphaned owls can be adopted into active owl nests which produces more owls to maintain a healthy rodent-free ecosystem.
  • A well cared for barn owl box and program will promote more breeding pairs, and again more owls to provide effective rodent control. 


Barn Owl Maintenance Program