A key part of IPM is encouraging beneficial predators in your environment. By providing a home for barn owls, you encourage them to breed and stay in the area. Unlike many predators, barn owls are not bothered by others of their kind roosting nearby, so you can benefit by having multiple boxes, and potentially multiple owls, on one property. 

Barn owls are an excellent alternative to harmful rodenticides, otherwise known as rat poison. Rodenticides weaken the rodents before killing them, making them slow and attractive to predators. Then, when they are caught and eaten, the poison spreads and kills the predators of the rodents.  This makes the rodent problem even worse, because there are fewer predators to control their population. Instead of using cruel poisons, whose effects spread beyond your intentions, we recommend an approach called Integrated Pest Management. This is a systemic way of thinking about pests in the environment, which addresses the root of the problem instead of only the symptoms.

Barn Owls as Pest Control