With window boxes and catwalks. Notice double door to prevent escaping kitties.


What's a catio? A safe enclosed outdoor space to protect your cats from cars, coyotes, dogs, and other dangers, and to protect wildlife from cats. As part of our Predator Prevention and Educational Barnyard Program, our catio is an inspiration to cat lovers to create their own kitty paradise. Outdoor cats kill billions of songbirds each year, but many of these deaths are preventable by containing the cat. What's more, you can relax, knowing that your cat is safe, no longer having to worry that your cat may never come home. Come visit ours! 

Adding catwalks to window boxes.

Building the hooped catwalk.

Meet Cheddar and Gouda, our catio cats. Found as feral older kittens at a site where we were doing exclusion work, these brothers are now educational ambassadors.

Their mission: to show cat lovers just how fabulous and fun a catio can be!

Catio before catwalks are added.