Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue

Hotline: (707) 526-WILD(9453) 
Business Office: (707) 992-0274
A Wildlife Exclusion Service (707) 992-0276

Location: 403 Mecham Rd, Petaluma CA 94952​
​Mailing Address: PO Box 448, Cotati CA 94931
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Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue does not assist in the rescue or rehabilitation of deer. While there are other agencies that can offer assistance, each agency has limited resources and scope of what they are able to assist with. Please read the below resources carefully if you have encountered a sick, injured or orphaned deer. 

Fawn Rescue - If you have encountered a sick, injured or orphaned fawn, please visit Fawn Rescue at

California Department of Fish and Wildlife - If you have encountered a sick or injured adult deer, please call the California Department of Wildlife's Cal-Tip Hotline at (888) 334-2258, (ext 0).