Wesley Swam dug a trench for electrical wiring to be run to our Education Raccoon's future river and for a pond in a future otter enclosure. This was a very important project because we had to find away to get electricity down to these areas from the main office. It would have cost quite a bit of money to hire someone to dig the trench for us , so we were excited when Wesley accepted the challenge. He was very resourceful and committed to finishing the project.

Chad Lewis helped us by building a fence around our opossum/skunk enclosure and made repairs to our existing fences in our education exhibit. It is required that all of the enclosures viewed by the public have a fence around them to keep them at a safe distance from the enclosure, so it was great that Chad and his troop were able to make a fence for us in order comply to the USDA law.

Paul Armstrong repainted our raptor aviary. This aviary houses recovering raptors from Red-tailed Hawks to Great Horned Owls and it was looking a bit shabby and definetely needed a new coat of paint. He was able to get paint at a discounted rate from Lowes Hardware store, who was gracious enough to understand our limited budget.

Shawn Zimmer built a raccoon pond for our education raccoon Bandit. Raccoons are natural water lovers and a pond gives them a great opportunity to swim, fish and dip their hands in the water. This was a particularly difficult task because the ground is full of large rocks that needed to be dug out before the pond could be put in. The raccoons just loved it.

John LoCoco worked in our education exhibit working on its aesthetic appeal and functionality. He put in a drip system in our native plant garden, put in benches for tour goers to sit on and enjoy the animals, a bulletin board to post events and information, and lastly put in numbers at each enclosure to help with exhibit navigation. This was one of the most involved projects we have had because of all the different elements he chose to address. His troop was very impressive and worked extremely hard to get the whole project wrapped up in just two days. We were all impressed with his initiative and ambition to beautify our exhibit.

John Chavez built den houses for our recovering wildlife. This is especially important because it gives them a place to hide when they are frightened and a place to sleep. We use these in all the enclosures and can even take them to release sites so the animals have a familiar place to return to as they are adjusting to life in the wild. They were exceptional and even included a door so we could lock the animal in it and transport them safely without taking them out of a comfortable and familiar place.

Aiden Powers built our skunk/opossum enclosure and den house for his eagle scout project. We received two new education animals and they needed a home built for them so they had a place to stay permanently. Both were not releasable, so we asked Aiden if he could build them an enclosure. He was quite successful in making a beautiful enclosure fully equipped with a climbing structure and den house to sleep in. The two new animals just loved their house and sleep cuddled up with one another.

Spencer Peterson's project was to create a Tour sign to let tour goers know when the tours are and the number to call to make an appointment, create signs for all the native plants in our education exhibit, and to make signs for each of the animal enclosures with facts about the species.

This was a very complex project which required a lot of research and knowledge of plants and wildlife. Spencer did an amazing job connecting with the knowledge and expertise to get the project done. He was extremely organized and such a great leader, and he conquered this project with expertise and determination.

Past Projects

Greg Dibs was kind enough to put in a drip system for our trees. Because we are short staffed it is hard for us to take time out of the day to water the redwood trees we had planted. It was also quite difficult for volunteers to know which trees we wanted them to water since we did not have time to go out and show them. Greg realized our need for an automatic watering system and chose this project over many others because he felt it would be the most beneficial to the staff.

He and his troop worked through the weekend to trench and place the system. They were all incredibly hard working and did an amazing job. We are so pleased with the outcome and look forward to future Eagle Scouts from the troop.

Eagle Scout Projects

Most Recent Project

Bryan LoCoco made quite an impact at SCWR with his project. After working with his brother on his project a few years back, he saw how much potential work we have and chose our facility for his project as well. We gave him many options assuming he would pick one or two of them to tackle but to our surprise Bryan decided to conquer 4 different projects. Bryan took on the daunting task of creating den houses for our hospital animals, making puzzle boxes for our raccoons, platforms for our foxes to run on and a case for one of our taxidermy foxes.

Creating the den boxes was the most challenging piece of the project because we have to be able to clean and sanitize them. We don't know what contagious diseases and/or parasites our patients could be carrying when they first arrive and the wood houses we currently have are too porous. He was able to build and paint all new boxes for us that are sealed and sanitizeable. He and his troop thought of the best and most efficient way to build each of the four items and we appreciate their hard work and dedication to bringing enjoyment to our animals.