Gift Options

Bride, Groom, and Barn Owls

Looking for the perfect present for the wedding couple that already has everything? Why not give their new family the gift of a barn owl family home? Not only will the box attract beautiful and beneficial barn owls, but they will eat your unwanted pests, such as mice, rats and gophers. Suitable for homes, vineyards, and ranches! Learn more here.

For your wedding gift of a consultation or box, we make a personalized gift certificate for the lucky couple. An example certificate is below. Email us at to find out more. 

Let's Celebrate Together!

If you have a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, a coming-of-age ceremony, a remembrance, or any other special occasion, why not consider one of SCWR's gift options? The animal lovers in your life will be so happy to know they are supporting the wildlife in their community!

Adopt an Animal

Do you have a favorite native wild animal? We all know wild animals make unhappy and illegal pets, but for the animal lover in your life, why not do the next best thing? Adopt an educational animal here at SCWR! You'll receive a special adoption certificate, a fact sheet on your animal with their story, and a pass for a Saturday Tour to see your animal. *Tour animals are subject to change and may not be on display on a given day for medical reasons.* Below is an example certificate. Email us at for more information or to Adopt an Animal!