Heritage Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Paul Palmatier and his team at Heritage Veterinary Hospital in Santa Rosa have examined andtreated many wildlife patients for Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue (SCWR) throughout the years, from a bobcat that had been hit by a car to a raccoon with its leg caught in the branch of a tree. In fact, Dr. Palmatier was our very first veterinarian to participate on our team of Good Samaritan Veterinarians. In that capacity he helps us when we get an animal that needs more extensive veterinary care than we are able to provide at our facility such as radiographs, suturing a deep wound, or surgery on a broken bone.

Most recently Dr. Palmatier helped us with Gray Fox #923. The fox was found lying next to a road and appeared to have a broken jaw, as well as showing signs of shock. The animal was brought to SCWR and it was clear upon an initial examination that it needed to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. The fox was given emergency treatment to stabilize it for transport to Heritage Veterinary Hospital where it received radiographs. Dr. Palmatier and his team then wired the fox’s jaw and put a feeding tube into place. Since then fox #923 has had its feeding tube removed, is eating soft foods on its own, and is recovering in ournursery.

Thanks to dedicated veterinary professionals like Dr. Palmatier and his team, we are able to rehabilitate many wildlife patients that would otherwise not be releasable. We could not help all of the animals that we do without the professional care and expertise of our Good Samaritan Veterinarians.