Unless directed otherwise, here's how you can make an animal more comfortable for transport or while you're waiting for help to arrive:
1. Punch holes, from the inside out, into a cardboard box or other container.  If you have a cat or dog kennel, that is even better.
2. Line the box with an old T-shirt or other soft towel.

3. Put on garden or leather gloves.

4. Use a towel or pillowcase to cover the animal, then scoop it up gently and place it in the container.
5. Place the container in a warm, dark, quiet place—away from pets, children, and noise, until you can transport the animal. If you have a heating pad, you can put it on low under half the box, so the animal can choose to be warmer or cooler. 


  • An electric heating pad set under half the container, with a towel between the animal and the container. Never set a pad higher than LOW. You do not want to cook the animal.
  • Rice sock. Put DRY UNCOOKED rice or beans in a sock. Microwave until it is very warm to the touch. The sock will provide heat for about 30 minutes.

6. Transport the animal as soon as possible. While in the car, keep the carrier out of the sun and away from direct air conditioning or heat. Keep the car radio off and talking to a minimum. If possible, avoid exposing the animal to your pets!

DO NOT give the animal food or water as this could make things worse for the animal and could potentially kill it.

Housing Instructions