Please note the following dates for future intern application periods:

Fall 2020 - Applications open 6/1/2020 - Applications due 7/31/2020

Fall session ranges from September to November

Winter 2020/2021 - Applications open 9/1/2020 - Applications due 10/31/2020

Winter ranges from December to February

Spring 2021 - Applications open 11/1/2020 - Applications due 12/31/2020
Spring session ranges from February to May
Summer 2021 - Applications open 1/1/2021 - Applications due 3/31/2021
Summer session ranges from May to September

*Dates are subject to change and will be finalized at the time we begin accepting applications. 

Schedules may be flexible, but you must commit to a minimum 3-day week, working 8 hours each day. A 5-day week is preferred, but we understand if you need to have a job to afford living in Sonoma County. You must attend the mandatory intern orientation.

To apply, complete the Google Form (includes questions, essay, resume, and cover letter) or mail the application, a resume, and a cover letter to our PO box. If you would like to complete the application online, you must have a Google account. If the application is sent by mail, the postage date needs to be on or before the due date. There is no fee to apply, but for interns who decide to participate in the program, there is a $50 administrative fee, payable at the end of the orientation. Scholarships are available for those with limited means.​ 

Apply using this Animal Care Internship Application Google Form

OR download, print, and mail the Animal Care Internship Application along with a cover letter and resume. You may mail your application packet to the PO box listed below or email the packet to:

Mail applications to: 

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue
RE: Intern Application
PO Box 448
Cotati, CA 94931

For more information:

Contact Victoria Harris, Intern Director:

If applying for Winter please keep in mind that it is our slow season. While there is animal care that needs to be done, the main focus of winter are projects. 

Interns who are pursing veterinary, biology, or ecological educational tracks in a professional career in wildlife will be given special consideration.

You must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be willing to work a flexible schedule including weekends, holidays, mornings and evenings in all weather conditions
  • Have a valid driver’s license and have your own transportation
  • Be in good physical condition with the ability to lift at least 50lbs; able to bend, stoop, and crawl
  • Be comfortable in a fast-paced, high-stress environment
  • Must be ok with euthanasia, it is unavoidable

While no previous animal experience is required, there are certain aspects of the job that need to be considered.

  • Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue is not a petting zoo. You will be working with the animals, but it is important to remember these animals are terrified of us, and they can’t be talked to, cuddled, or pet.                                 

  • Wild animals have zoonotic diseases. Of the animals that come through our doors, 100% have some kind of disease or parasite (fleas, ticks, lice, worms, etc.).  They will have one or more that they can share with us. Safety protocols will be used, but you will be exposed. 


  • This job can be dangerous. Interns will be working in enclosures with wildlife and handling animals that can and will bite or scratch when scared. Safety training is required before these duties will be assigned.

This position is unpaid. 

Animal Care Internship Job Description

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization. This is our mission statement:

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue is dedicated to: the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife; the promotion, understanding, appreciation, protection and conservation of wildlife through our Educational Outreach Programs and our advocacy efforts. Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue also makes charitable contributions to animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations as authorized by the Board.

Our internships are set up to help us fulfill our mission statement and interns will contribute in all aspects of this statement throughout their term (each term is at least 12 weeks). Interns will assist in any area that may be lacking help as well as accomplish regular duties each week.

The Animal Care Intern will help with all aspects of daily animal upkeep. This includes but is not limited to: diet preparation, cleaning enclosures, weighing patients, bottle-feeding orphaned babies, administering medications, and assisting staff with animal intakes.

​Applications for Spring 2021 are due by December 31st, 2020.

Spring, summer, fall, & winter internships are now available! ​Work alongside the staff and other volunteers to provide care to wildlife patients and keep the facility running smoothly.  

Read below to find out more about our internship program and to find out how to apply.

Animal Care Internships