Magic Tree Service

Community Partner Spotlight September 2012: Magic Tree Service, Santa Rosa, CA

In May of 2007 we moved into our new home here in Petaluma after vacating our first wildlife center located in Santa Rosa. But before the move, we had run out of money, had very few volunteers, and even fewer resources from the community.  All those precious gifts had been utilized to build the Santa Rosa center and, at the time, we had no way of knowing that we would be facing another move so soon.

Although we were extremely fortunate to have a new home, we had little help to begin the building process and there were literally hundreds of tasks to do. One of the main things we needed was a tree service that could help us remove some of the overgrown eucalyptus trees to make space for animal enclosures. That was one of our biggest expenses – and it was directly in our path.

A volunteer remembered this and spotted an ad for Magic Tree Service in a local newspaper. It advertised a free estimate for any job. And, wow - did we have a job! I called to make an appointment with the owner, Dudley Strasburg and told him a little aboutwhat we do.  I explained that we were a non-profit and gave him an overview of our rescue program. He seemed genuinely interested in helping us and I began to look forward to our appointment.

When we met for the first time and walked around the eucalyptus grove, inspecting and talking about the project, Dudley exclaimed, “Wow, you really do have a big job here, Doris!  I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Since I really like the work that you and your non-profit are doing for the community, I would like to volunteer my help. We will put you on our calendar when we have time available, and I think we can get some of these projects going for you.”

I could hardly believe Dudley’s generosity and was overwhelmed with gratitude.  Not only was this an amazing gift, but we could finally get started building our new wildlife center. We were under tremendous pressure to do this as we had less than a year to move off the property we had occupied in Santa Rosa.

As we began to work together, I was impressed with how hard Dudley and his assistant Jose were working on our projects. Our staff and small volunteer crew could never have done the jobs they accomplished. Climbing up 120 foot eucalyptus trees with huge chain saws hanging off their belts and ropes - how fearless they were!

That was the beginning of our wonderful working relationship with Magic Tree Service six years ago. Fast forward and Magic Tree Service is still at it – they just helped us clear some trees and stumps for our latest project – a Raptor Recovery Center that we’re building right now.

Won’t you please support these wonderful angels?  When times were really tough and we had very little help, they rescued us, allowing all our future progress to begin. Magic Tree Service is located in Santa Rosa.  You can contact Dudley by email at or by phone at (707) 338-6178.