Fall  Maintenance
In the fall we come to clean the barn owl boxes. Barn owls are terrible at housekeeping, moving to a new nest if theirs gets too full of feces and rodent debris. To keep the owls in their boxes on your property, we need to keep the boxes clean. In the fall we will come out and remove all the debris, leaving a clean box for your owls. We are HAZWOPER certified, which means we are aware of the hazards presented when dealing with barn owl feces and debris, and come properly equipped to do the job right. 

After we have determined which boxes are occupied during our Spring Research, we know where we can place orphaned barn owls. As our primary work is wildlife rescue, we often receive orphaned barn owls. When we get them, we send them out to inhabited barn owl boxes so they can be raised by real barn owl mothers! Barn owl mothers don't seem to notice or mind an additional baby in their nest, and the benefit to you is more owls in your area, resulting in more gophers being eaten. If you choose us to maintain your boxes, you may end up with more hungry mouths and more gophers out of your fields to fill them.

Spring Research
 In the spring we will come out to do research on your barn owl boxes. We check occupancy, cleanliness, and for babies. We keep track of this data from year to year, so you can track your best performing boxes, and see which areas the barn owls prefer in your yard or vineyard.

Let's look at our services as they would be spread over a regular year.

Maintenance, Research, and Fostering