Pelicans in Peril

Click here to find out what was happening to our local Bodega Bay Pelicans, and how they were helped. 

New Raptor Recovery Center

Click here to learn more about the newest building at SCWR, our Raptor Recovery Center. This state of the art facility is specially designed for the needs of rehabilitating raptors and is the only one of its kind in Northern California. 

A New Addition to SCWR- Willy the Wolf Hybrid

Wolves are legally bred with dogs throughout the United States. Wolf hybrids are fascinating creatures and desired by many. However, most do not realize what a commitment owning one is and how difficult it is to keep them happy. Click here to read how Willy found his way to SCWR, his new  forever home. 

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News at SCWR

SCWR Becomes a Member of the OWCN

Oiled Wildlife Care Network helps oiled wildlife throughout the world and they accepted us as a member organization! Click here to read more.

How Kuma and Kyla Came to SCWR

This year, 2010, marks four years since the arrival of our mountain lions, Kuma and Kyla, to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. Due to the need for confidentiality during prosecution of the people who harmed them, we have not been able to share the details of this tragic story...until now. Click here to read more about their story. 

The Trials and Tribulations of a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Ever wonder what it is like to work as a wildlife rehabilitator? Click here to read what it is really like. We think you'll be surprised!