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We have been working with International Bird Rescue as oil spill responders since 2008 but our organization was not a member of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network so all the work we did was through International Bird Rescue as their volunteers. We couldn't thank them enough for letting us join their team and take part in their yearlong Oil Spill Response Training and as a result have been to over 4 spills. They provided a great opportunity to learn what it takes to work at oil spills and made us realize how much our organization could help in the event of an oil spill in Bodega Bay.

We felt that our center would be a great place to stabilize oiled wildlife before transferring them to International Bird Rescue for cleaning so this year we decided to apply to become members of the OWCN. We can be deployed as Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue staff members and begin training our volunteers to be a part of an oil response team and further help the effort to keep our animals safe during an oil spill. We were accepted at the OWCN conference this October and are excited to begin our oil spill work under the SCWR name.

Oiled Wildlife Care Network Membership