Oliver's Market- Cotati

by Doris Duncan, Executive Director

Oliver’s Market in Cotati is my local grocery store. I have been shopping there for 24 years, ever since I moved to Cotati. It was the only place I could find the delicious turkey and salami that my picky daughter eats.

For the past 17 years I have been involved with non-profit Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, a local neighbor to Oliver’s in Cotati. Many volunteers who live in Cotati shop there to feed their wild and orphaned foster babies with special dietary needs which are easily met at Oliver’s.

An example of this may be a sick little raccoon that is barely eating. One of our volunteers can go
to the meat department and ask for some irresistible shrimp. I have been to the meat department a hundred times to get fish for patients with diverse dietary needs- from baby otters to adult osprey. They also have great meat bones that our wolf-hybrids love. Thanks to Steve, the meat manager, for helping us select special orders at a great price.

The vegetable department is equally amazing. Michael, the manager has helped us with produce that customers might pass over. In an effort to not waste anything, we are able to pick up discarded fruit to feed our foxes, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, crows and ravens during the busy baby season. We also have baby bunnies that are just weaning off formula and require special greens that we can find only at Oliver’s. Our foster care volunteers appreciate a local store that they can go to for these items.

I am especially grateful to Oliver’s for allowing us to set up an educational booth in front of their store, giving their customers a chance to learn more about us. Because of this, we have found the support to begin building our new Raptor Recovery Center, which will be a specialized hospital to treat orphaned or injured owls and hawks. We were also able to enlarge our wolf-hybrid enclosure to support Willy, our latest rescue.

Recently when I was set up in front of Oliver’s, Tom the store manager stopped by on his way in. I had a chance to thank him for letting us be there. I also mentioned to him that I was being careful not to bother his customers if they did not seem interested in us or were in a hurry. He thanked me for that and added that Oliver’s cared very much about other local organizations and that this was their way of supporting their community. I was impressed at his sincere compassion and caring.

On behalf of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, we would like to thank Oliver’s Markets and their customers for “keeping it local and keeping it real.”


Appreciatively yours,

Doris Duncan
Executive Director