Our History

1981  Our non-profit Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue (SCWR) was formed by a small group of women who were concerned about the welfare of wildlife in Sonoma County.Our Education Outreach Program was developed and we began participating at the Sonoma County Fair.

1989  Our first physical address at a private residence where a small office and a handful of enclosures were set up for wildlife.

1999  We lost our physical address on Hargrave in Santa Rosa. Our wildlife office was moved to a private residence.

2000  We hired our part-time Executive Director. We developed a partnership with the Humane Society of Sonoma County. We began fund-raising for our future wildlife center there. Our website was started.

2002  Our Education Outreach Program continued to grow and we hired a part-time Education Outreach Director.

2004  We built our first wildlife center where the public is able to bring wildlife patients. This was also our first Grand Opening. We “piloted” our new Wildlife Exclusion Service. We have our first veterinarian on record with the California Department of Fish & Game. The Court Referral Program sent their first client. We hired our part-time Animal Care Assistant. Our Executive Director position goes full-time.

2005  We lost our first wildlife center and began looking for new location. Our Avian Team was developed. A Wildlife Exclusion Service was officially up and running with our first ad in the Yellow Pages.

2006  We found a new location on County property and began building our second wildlife center. The US Coast Guard and Army Reserve partner with us and help us move forward.We hired our part-time Wildlife Exclusion Service Director.

2007  We had our first Guest of  Honor Ceremony for county officials and donors. We have our second Grand Opening. We are USDA approved and can open to the public for tours of our Wildlife Education Exhibits.Our Education Outreach Director goes full-time.

2008  Our Outdoor Classroom is finished. Our Good Samaritan Veterinary Team is formed with over 10 practices participating. We began our education in oil spill work. We hire a full-time Animal Care Director.Our Exclusion Service Director goes full-time. 

2009  Our staff work with International Bird Rescue and respond to our first oil spill.

2010  We now have over 30 wildlife rehabilitation enclosures and 8 wildlife exhibit enclosures. Our wildlife hospital is equipped for basic triage with a lab and pharmacy.

2011  We became a participating organization with the Oiled Wildlife Care Network. We are continuing to grow while celebrating our 30th anniversary!

2012  We complete construction on a new Aquatic Mammal enclosure and begin construction on a new Raptor Recovery Center 

2014 We are completing the finishing touches on the Raptor Recovery Center. We begin fencing for a predator-proof barnyard.