Sierra Dockery 

Animal Care Assistant

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 Dr.Dan Famini is our Veterinarian On Record. In addition to teaching at the Santa Rosa Junior College, volunteering at Animal Care and Control, and practicing at several local practices, he gives his expert advice and treatment to our wildlife patients. He likes to spend time with his wife and two daughters. His favorite animal is the chicken, even though he's worked on a huge variety of animals. 

Victoria Harris 

Animal Care Assistant

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Ashley Wiekert 

Animal Care Assistant

Katie has a BS in Environmental Biology from California Polytechnic State University in Pomona, CA. She has a background in animal care, including working as a keeper at Safari West. However, her passion for wildlife, rehabilitation, and environmental education brought her here. Katie hopes that through public education, we'll create a world where humans and animals can successfully coexist.  

Katie Woolery

Assistant Animal Care Director

Desiree McGunagle

​Volunteer and Community Support Coordinator 

Meet our Staff

Michael is from San Diego. As our Exclusion Director, Michael helps people manage wildlife problems humanely. When he was a kid, his father’s rule was “If you kill it, you eat it,” so he quickly learned to respect and value wildlife. He has been working in construction since he was big enough to hold a hammer. He has a degree in Engineering and Physics and likes building cars in his free time. He also does pretty much every outdoor sport. 

Michael McGuire

​Exclusion Director

Danielle is the Animal Care Director at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. As Animal Care Director, Danielle has overall responsibility for the hospital, all volunteers that foster animals or work in the hospital, and the care of all animals in the temporary or permanent custody of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. Danielle is also the main interface with the ten Good Samaritan Veterinary practices that care for the most serious cases of animal injury or sickness. Danielle has over 10 years of hands-on experience with animal rescue and care: first as a volunteer, then as an Animal Care Assistant, and in 2010, as the full time Animal Care Director. Danielle is in her third and final year in the veterinary technician program at Santa Rosa Junior College. In addition, she has certifications in Animal Capture and Transport and Wildlife Emergency Response. She is also 24 hour HAZWOPER certified and is on the Oil Spill Emergency Response team.

Danielle Mattos

​Animal Care Director

After a fifteen-year career in education, Ms. Duncan became involved in wildlife rehabilitation in 1997 at the urging of her young daughter.   To support her daughter’s dream, Ms. Duncan and her daughter volunteered together at various wildlife centers in northern California.  In 2000, Ms. Duncan was hired as the first employee of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and was subsequently promoted to Executive Director. She has served as a board member for the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators and the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee – an appointment by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.  She is currently a member of Oiled Wildlife Care Network and International Bird Rescue Center’s Oiled Wildlife Response Team.  In 2004, Ms. Duncan launched a pilot nuisance wildlife exclusion service – “A Wildlife Exclusion Service.” (AWES)  She now mentors other wild rehabilitation centers to start their own exclusion service.Ms. Duncan especially enjoys hands-on work including wildlife rescues, oil spill response, designing and building wildlife enclosures, and working with other professional and passionate people in the field.

Doris Duncan

​Executive Director

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Dr. Dan Famini, DVM