• Contact our PEEP instructor for available lesson days and times. 
  • Both parent/guardian and child participant are required to attend a 2-hour introductory class, which can be arranged to fit your schedule.

          ​Meet the Animals and Plants of PEEP

Wildlife Education Garden

Vegetables, Herbs, Pollinators

PEEP students also learn how to grow food and attract pollinators in our education garden. Students, volunteers, staff, and animals alike enjoy eating food from our  lovingly tended garden.

Chicken Flock

Various Breeds

Our chickens are mostly older hens that we have adopted to give them a good retirement home. Many still lay eggs!

  • *Parents/guardians of students under the age of 13 or who might need additional support should plan to stay with their child for the duration of each PEEP lesson. This is in no way a program that is meant to be a “drop-off” opportunity for parents to leave their child in and in fact we always encourage parents to stay and enjoy this experience with their child if they choose to. 
  • Children who can drive themselves are welcome to participate without any parent or guardian support as long as they are feeling successful in the program.
  • Learn more about others aspects of our PEEP program, including advice for ranchers and hobby farmers about how to keep their livestock safe as well as our local predators safe.
  • The program fees provide vital funding to help cover the costs of the non-profit work we do here at SCWR.  Please continue reading to find out about scholarship opportunities available for this program.

Wildlife Control

Interactive Learning 

-for kids and parents

Predator Proofing 

-for ranchers and hobby farmers

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WhoChildren ages 5-17*

- One 2-hour shift per week

- Contact us for available days and times


PEEP Educational Barnyard

403 Mecham Rd., Petaluma, CA 94952


Explore your love of animals and develop practical skills by learning to care for barnyard animals and vegetable gardens


A personalized lesson, one-on-one or in a pair with one of our

instructors. Instructors spend about 1 hour of the 2 hour time-slot giving instructions and guidance. Then, students practice their new skills for the additional hour while the instructor supervises and provides support. Three 6-month semesters of PEEP are available, with each semester expanding upon more advanced techniques.

          ​PEEP in Pictures

  • Meet the animals you will be working with as a PEEP student below
  • See more images in our PEEP Photo Gallery

PEEP Interactive Learning

Program Details

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Domestic Cats

Gouda and Samson

These cats live an outdoor catio and love playing with toys and cuddling.

Montey and Maisey

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Like our sheep, these goats are a slightly smaller breed so they are easier for our students to work with. Maisy is very outgoing while Montey is learning to be comfortable around people. Both enjoy climbing on any and all barnyard equipment they can! 

What is the goal of the PEEP Interactive Learning Program?

Our goal is to help each student gain independence, develop self-confidence and master meaningful skills that can be used in all areas of life. Our most important goal for children is to cultivate compassion, love and understanding of animals and plants that need our support.

Hailey and Starlight

Olde English Southdown "Babydoll" Sheep

These sheep came to use as lambs and were hand-raised so that they would be comfortable working with our PEEP students. They are a smaller breed of sheep, but have big personalities. They love eating chard from our garden and spending time with the goats.


No matter what financial choice families are able to make, all students participate in an equally loving and safe environment.

Free“I could really use a little help until things get better for me.”
$400“I am doing ok, but still really need to watch my budget.”
$500“Things are going well for me at the moment. I would even like to give a little extra to help others.”