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What is PEEP?

The Predator Exclusion and Educational Program (PEEP) is an innovative interactive educational program designed to help people with conflicts between domestic and wild animals. By providing a physical learning lab, students and members of the community can learn ways to protect their livestock and pets from natural predation in ways that do not harm wildlife, so the ecology of the region can remain balanced.  Whether you are a beginning farmer, urban homesteader, or just want to learn how to keep farm animals and wildlife safe, our education barnyard is the place for you!  Our PEEP program is a great alternative to school sports and other extracurricular activities.  If your child loves animals, the outdoors and is nature oriented, they will flourish in our PEEP program.

COST: $300 per 6 months.  

What can you see?

Come to our Educational Barnyard to see examples of exclusion techniques. At the moment we have a barn, night corral, free range chicken set up, catio, and fencing examples. By exploring our barnyard, you can learn ways to predator proof your own enclosures and experience beautiful Sonoma County agriculture. We also have a Wildlife Education Garden to show predator proofing techniques against garden pests and ways to attract pollinators. Want to get your hands on our delicious produce? Click here.

Need help?

Having troubles with predation of livestock or pets? Visit our barnyard to learn some techniques to help. Check out predator proofing tips here. Still baffled? We can schedule a consultation through A Wildlife Exclusion Service. Our experts will come out to your site and find the ways wild animals are sneaking into your coop or barn. 

Want to get involved? Maybe your dream is to become a farmer, veterinarian, gardener, scientist or any career with animals or plants. This is the place for you!

We have 4 slots each day set up 5 days a week for children who want to learn valuable skills which are obtained by caring for the farm animals and gardens. These skills can later be transferred to wildlife rehabilitation or used any where later in

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Predator Exclusion and Education Program (PEEP)