Predator Scentis an effective wildlife repellent- frozen scat we collect from our coyotes, wolf hybrids, and bobcats. By placing the scat on your property where the wildlife is causing trouble, it lets raccoons, opossums, and skunks know that there are large and dangerous predators in the area, which encourages them to move on somewhere else. Just like you may not want to stick around in a neighborhood with lots of graffiti, broken windows, and the sound of gunfire, the scat of predators lets wildlife know that there is something that could eat them nearby. This is what makes them want to move. It will not affect your domestic animals. We sell it here at SCWR. Please call ahead to make sure some is available. (707) 992-0274

$40 for a quart size bag (good for typical applications to a garden, small lawn, or small deck)

$100 for a gallon size bag (good for larger areas)

New! Now we are offering mountain lion den straw. This is straw straight from the den of our education mountain lion. This product works well for skunks, some of the hardest animals to deter.

$30 for a kitchen size trash bag

​$75 for a large black trash bag

Predator Scent

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