Advantages of Choosing Us to Build and Install Your Box

To make a box as good as ours (see Features) takes a lot of time and effort. Here's what you would have to do if you were to make one of your own.

First, you go to buy materials- plywood, fittings, cement, a galvanized pole and stabilizing plate to weld to the top of the pole, paint, and supports for the shade.  Next you load all the materials into your truck and drive home, where you unload everything. After that comes measuring and cutting all of the plywood to the right sizes, then gluing and screwing the box together. Now's when you wait for the glue to dry. Once the glue is dry, you can assemble and add the sunshade, and connect it to the box. Finally, you have a box. Then you'll need to weld, or have someone else weld the plate to the pole. Time to dig a deep hole, pour and mix cement, stabilize the pole, and let the cement set. You'll need a ladder to climb up to screw the box to the top of the pole, and finally, several weekends later, you have a barn owl box. 

Doesn't it sound like a lot of time and work? Let us save you that time and effort. You'll feel good knowing that you're helping the environment and baby barn owls, getting rid of unwanted pests, and best of all, that you didn't have to dig a deep hole yourself. 


Barn Owl Box Consultation (1 hour)

For every additional hour



Barn Owl School Presentation (1 hour)

-Includes interactive slideshow, exclusive videos, engaging props


Barn Owl Box Service Call

(For every trip to a site, per vineyard)

(For every trip to a site, per residence- depends on city)



Barn Owl Box ONLY (No pole, no installation)$300
Barn Owl Box with pole - safest for owls (No installation)$400
Barn Owl Box Installation (includes pole, per box)1-6 Boxes $450

7+ boxes $425
Barn Owl Box Research (performed in Spring, per box)1-6 boxes $125

7+ boxes


Barn Owl Box Inspection and Cleaning (performed in Fall, per box)1-6 boxes $125

7+ boxes


The money earned from our Barn Owl Box Maintenance Program goes to support injured, sick, and orphaned raptors at our Raptor Recovery Center. Save your vineyard, save owls!

Barn Owl Box Maintenance Prices