We are always in need of places to release groups of orphaned wildlife when they have grown and are ready to make a habitat of their own. Unsure if your property meets our criteria? Read on below.

Overall Criteria

Property needs to be 2 acres or more, the more, the better.
No poisoning can be done on property. Many animals receive secondary poisoning from consuming the bodies of poisoned rats or mice. 
There must be a year-round water source.

Species Specific Criteria

Raccoons- Good raccoon habitat is mixed forests near water, though they also thrive in urban and suburban environments. 

Squirrels- Squirrels live in woodlands. Squirrels need trees. We cannot release squirrels on a property with no trees.

Skunks- Skunks like to live in woodlands, grasslands, and even farmland.

Opossums- Opossums are suited to most places, including forest, farmland, grassland,urban and suburban areas. They especially like being near water. 

If you feel your site meets these criteria or would like more information, please contact us at 707-992-0274, or email us at education@scwildliferescue.org

Thank you!

Release Sites