If you’d like to photograph, film, draw, paint, or in any other way record our animals, we have some policies and restrictions to protect everyone involved.

We charge $100 for one hour of time, and you must make an appointment.  A staff member will accompany you. Please consider your priorities and we’ll help you see those animals first.

Please be aware- some animals can only be photographed through caging. It is not safe to enter the enclosure with them.  If you have specific animals you want to photograph without the caging in between, please let us know and we will tell you if that is a possibility.  Some lenses are able to shoot through the chainlink and the resulting photos appear to be uncaged.  You cannot talk to or touch the wildlife.

We will not disturb rehabilitating patients just to record them. If they are out of their enclosure to be fed or medicated, it is fine to record them, but be aware that the patients’ needs and stress level are of the utmost importance to us, and we will put any stressed out animal away, even if you would like more time with them.

No flash photography of animals is allowed.

We must abide by the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Media Policies. No animals can be photographed in a “pet-like” way or in an unnatural setting. 

Thank you for respecting our media policies.  Please call (707) 992-0274 to make an appointment or if you have further questions.

SCWR's Media Policy