Soiland and V. Dolan Trucking

Community Support Spotlight: Aug. 2013 - Soiland and V Dolan Trucking Company

Soiland and V Dolan Trucking companies have been described as being “joined at  the hip” by Mark Soiland, Vice President/Chief Operations Officer of Soiland. Mark’s respect and affection for the company V Dolan Trucking dates back many years when Mark and V Dolan Trucking Vice-President Erik Fowler were friends growing up together as boys. They vacation together with their families and both, in their own way, work together making Sonoma County a better place. Both companies contribute to the Community in many ways. One of these ways is donating services and materials to non-profit organizations such as Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.

Our relationship with these companies goes back years. Indeed, when we first began building our wildlife center here in Petaluma, Mark and his company donated all the materials for our driveway and Erik and his company donated all the trucking of those materials. You really can’t have one without the other.

Most recently they have both donated again. V Dolan Trucking brought us the materials from Stony Point Rock Quarry (a Soiland company) that we needed for the bottom of our Raptor Recovery Center. They had valuable advice for us and gave us better ideas for our project.  Not only did they contribute their advice, services and materials, they actually THANKED US for all the work we do saving local wildlife.

We are so proud to have these two companies as part of our family of community supporters. They will definitely be a big part of our Grand Opening of the Raptor Recovery Center taking place in October of 2013.