Why We Want You As a Supporter

Today countless sick, injured and orphaned animals are alive and have had the chance to return to their wild habitat because of the shelter and medical care we provide. Rewarding work, yes, but also expensive. For example, we spend $80,000 or more a year on natural diets for our patients. In 2018 we took in 1,300 patients. As the costs of feeding and caring for wildlife inhabitants at the center now far exceed donations, we need all the help we can get.

Please join Wildlife Rescue as a Supporter and give as generously as you can.

$35        Buys distemper and parvovirus vaccines for 3 raccoons
$50        Buys mice for 40 raccoons for one feeding
$100      Buys baby formula for one day for 20 animals
$250      Buys one day of food for 15 animals
$500      Buys one net and 3 pairs of welding gloves to safely handle animals
$1,000   Buys medical supplies and vet services for 2 injured animals
$2,500   Pays for one hawk's entire stay at SCWR
$5,000   Will build a nursery enclosure for baby bobcats

Other: As a supporter you will receive a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on the happenings at the center, a bumper sticker, supporter card, and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped wildlife recuperate and return to the wild.

Click here to download a Supporter application.

Please mail applications and your donation to:PO Box 408 Cotati CA 94931

Supporter Renewal: If your information has changed or you prefer mailing us a check, please click here to print out our supporter renewal form and mail to:PO Box 408 Cotati,Ca, 94931
If your contact information has remained the same since the past year, you can easily renew your support using PayPal! If you use PayPal, under special notes write Supporter.

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