2019 New Volunteer Orientation

January 5th, 2019

​Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue has many different programs for volunteers to choose from where they can contribute their time, talent and experience. We require a minimum of 4 hours a week of commitment from our volunteers for a 12-month time period. After your 12 months are complete, we invite you to re-commit on a month-to-month basis.

 The main requirement for a volunteer is to follow through with your commitment to the organization. The animals and people in our organization are dependent upon the volunteers scheduled for their agreed upon commitments. Again, we require 4 hours a week minimum unless you have made prior arrangements with the staff and to follow through with this for a 12 month time period. We have had to implement the 3 strikes and you’re out philosophy because of the intense amount of time and energy it takes to train and supervise staff and volunteers.

 We look forward to meeting you at our annual volunteer orientation and hopefully working with you in the future! Please call us at 707-992-0274 or email support@scwildliferescue.org to register.  THERE IS LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE.  All interested parties will need to fill out an application.  The application process will help you to understand the commitment you will be making and the tasks we may ask you to do.  

Please add this event to your calendar now, as it is only offered once a year and is always the first Saturday in January from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  There is a bundle of three, two-hour classes that are required to volunteer with our non-profit, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. Please call us at 707-992-0274 should you have further questions or would like to be added to our mandatory new volunteer class registration.

There is a $150 one-time administrative fee for this class for families and includes 2 volunteer t-shirts and 2 name badges. Additional T-shirts and badges for additional members are $10 per additional person.

The one-time administrative fee is $95 for single volunteers.

  Call (707) 992-0274 to reserve you spot today!

​​Updated for 2018! For the full schedule of classes for the year,click here

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