To Concerned Citizens:

On March 4th, 2019, at approximately 5:00 PM, we received a call from a member of the public located near Airport Boulevard in Santa Rosa.  This individual reported to us that they had found and was observing a coyote that was limping, hobbling, and having difficulty walking. Upon confirming that the caller had line of sight, we sent two trained rescue persons to attempt capture of the coyote for the purposes of examination and possible rehabilitation.

After many attempts by highly skilled wildlife professionals to capture the coyote, it was determined that the coyote, although visibly limping, was able to ambulate away quickly enough to evade our team.  We consulted with a biologist specializing in trapping large animals and were assisted in placing a trap in the vicinity of the injured coyote in the hopes that it could be humanely trapped so that we could provide it necessary medical care.  We coordinated with staff and volunteers to check on the trap twice daily.  This avenue of rescue was unsuccessful as well. We suspect this is because people are regularly leaving food out for the coyote, so it was not motivated to go into our baited trap.

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue has received over 20 calls from various concerned citizens in the Aviation Boulevard Area who reported seeing the coyote.  This statement is to let concerned citizens know that we are aware of the Aviation Boulevard Coyote.  Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue has attempted to capture and provide resources to the coyote multiple times, using various tactics.  We have considered every avenue of apprehension of the coyote, while also keeping public safety of the highest priority. 

The Airport Boulevard Coyote currently poses no threat to the public in the area.  The coyote is accustomed to the presence of humans in its environment due to the fact that members of the public have been routinely feeding it.  Additionally, coyotes are scavengers and this particular individual has been seen eating from trash cans or garbage bins.  If you have concerns about the coyote being so close inside city limits, it is important to remind your friends, neighbors, and businesses to keep tight fitting lids on your trash cans and to refrain from feeding the coyote.  The coyote is there due to the multiple attractants the area has to offer and removing those attractants will encourage the coyote to move along.

In regards to the coyote’s injury, we are aware of it and have seen slow improvements in its ability to weight bear. We have a trained individual who is checking on the coyote once a day, seven days a week, who is keeping us updated on his progress or changes in behavior.  We also still welcome input from the public in regards to this open case. Please call our hotline if you would like to report an update on this coyote: (707) 526-WILD(9453).

As always, thank you to everyone who has shown concern for the coyote and for all of our wild neighbors in Sonoma County.  We appreciate all your support in this matter.

 Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue


Airport Coyote Statement

What you need to know about the Airport Boulevard Coyote:


  • There is a coyote in this area with a healing, improving limp. 

  •  We are monitoring the situation including direct daily observations. 

  •  This coyote poses no threat, and readily flees from any close contact. 

  •  Do NOT feed this coyote, as that only promotes unhealthy behaviors and could result in animal control agencies choosing to euthanize this individual. 

 For anyone interested here are further details regarding our response to this coyote:

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