Since Sunday, October 8th, our beloved Sonoma County has been reeling from multiple wildfires.  They have wrecked havoc on our community, neighborhoods, and both domestic and native wildlife.   For those of you that support us locally, please know that Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue is safe and currently out of harms way.   We are so grateful in regards to the mass amount of phone calls and offerings of support from the public and from our volunteers.  We are focusing our resources on supporting our community and those in need.  We have opened our doors to volunteers and evacuees and we have opened our pastures to domestic animals and livestock.  For those of you who would like to contribute to our efforts to support Sonoma County, we could greatly use financial support.  We have had many generous donations of goods and we are doing great on supplies for now.  However, many of they day to day activities that would normally be helping us fund our non-profit organization have been put on hold because of the wildfires.  Financial donations would be the most helpful thing for us!  Donations help us to continue our core mission of rescuing and releasing native wildlife.  The Sonoma County Firestorms have lead to an increase in rescues and therefore an increase on our resources.  Please help us to continue in this core mission! 


 We are also in need of SCWR trained volunteers to help with our regular duties. 

On behalf of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, we wish to send our gratitude to all of our supporters. 

-Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue