“SCWR has been a valuable resource for our vineyard as we transitioned from conventional farming to organic. Gophers and other rodents are always an issue in vineyard settings and we were thrilled with Doris’ enthusiasm and knowledge in establishing a barn owl presence on our property. She and her team installed two boxes after their analysis of our setting and we’ve been blessed by having both boxes occupied. Three owls were then raised in each box last season! It’s late January as I write this review and we’ve determined that both boxes are again inhabited by two healthy adults.”

-Carole Copeland 

“Showa Farm is a family owned business.  We use best practices in farming our olives and making our olive oil based on biodynamic and organic principles.   100% of our electric usage comes from our solar panels and our water is all natural aquifer well water administered to the orchard using drip irrigation.  We use goats as nature’s lawnmower both for weed control and fire protection.  Our goats and sheep are protected by a donkey. 

 We asked Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue to allow us to participate in the Barn Owl Maintenance Program and they kindly and professionally installed 4 of their special owl homes on our 20 acre property.  We now have owls providing natural pest control for small rodents and we do all of this to keep our olive orchard, raised bed gardens and fruit and nut trees from being exposed to any chemicals or pesticides or insecticides.

 The Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue team have been great to work with and we could not be more delighted to know that our modest fees for their help go to support a great cause.  Best of all – it works!”

- Geoff Peters

Owner-Manager, Showa Farm


"Promote environmentally sound farming practices, E. & J. Gallo Winery is proud to partner with Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue (SCWR) as part of their Barn Owl Maintenance Program (BOMP). We have worked with SCWR in Sonoma County for the past 7 years as part of Gallo’s Sustainable Rodent Control Program. In partnership with SCWR and BOMP, owl boxes have been placed in a number of our coastal vineyards and are maintained and monitored by SCWR. We look forward to our continued success in working together to help barn owls thrive.”

-E. & J. Gallo Winery 

“We have found SCWR to be a great partner in our Barn Owl Maintenance Program, contributing greatly to our vineyard pest management system.  Their team is professional, innovative, and caring.”

-Anisya Fritz, Lynmar Estate

If you are considering barn owl boxes, but are unsure about where to put them or how many to use, we are always happy to do a consultation with you!

We will:

  • Come out to your property and give you more information on barn owls and our program.
  • Walk around your property with you to discuss what factors for nesting are important to barn owls and where we think the best placement of boxes would be. Each potential site is marked with GPS coordinates, so you can have an accurate placement.
  • Discuss box options 

We can plan for a later visit to install the boxes, or give you instructions on doing it yourself.

Call us at 707-992-0274 to book your consultation, and in the meantime, see what our current BOMP clients have to say about us!

Your Consultation